Join our Booking Service to maximize your speaking engagements. We will:

  • Create a webpage about you and your books on our website that will promote your appearance info to teachers, media specialists, PTA members, and others involved in author/illustrator events.
  • Provide a letter of agreement between you and the school/organization where you will be making your appearance that spells out the requirements associated with your visit as well as your fee. Feel free to use this agreement when booking events on your own.

Our Children’s Literature representative will:

  • Provide written tips to the event coordinator to assist in making your appearance successful
  • Provide guidance to the event planner regarding all those annoying details, such as directions, parking, meals, set-up needs, bathroom breaks, etc.
  • Provide order forms to the event coordinator to facilitate the purchase and delivery of books should there be an autographing associated with the appearance.

To apply, please complete the following three forms:

  1. Author/Illustrator Signup Form
  2. Author/Illustrator Information Form
  3. Letter of Agreement

Please mail or email the forms to:

Children’s Literature
94 N Bedford St. Unit B
Arlington, VA 22201