Wayne Madsen began writing children’s books as a way of introducing writing and reading skills to his own children, Jake and Alexa. Writing books has since become a wonderful adventure for him and his family, and at the same time Wayne is contributing something new and innovative to the world of children’s literature.

   Wayne’s books are quick-paced, contemporary stories filled with exciting concepts that will engage even the most demanding modern kids of the internet generation. The mysteries make each book interesting, as clues are dropped within each installment to add to the wonder of reading the series. One of the most unique aspects of the books is that the protagonist children are confident and capable instead of victimized by their circumstances, as happens in many modern children’s books. This positivity is reinforced with a humor in the writing.

   Wayne brings the wonderful confidence and positivity found in his books to his school visits. His book The Misadventures of Inspector Moustachio: The Case of Stolen Time was chosen as a 2007 Reading is Fundamental Booklist pick.

Selected Reviews of Wayne’s Books

The Misadventures of Inspector Moustachio: The Case of Stolen Time
Wayne Madsen
   “A riveting tale that is full of adventure, suspense and humor. This book will hold particular appeal to children ages 8 to 12 who want something more engaging and compelling than… endorsed by educational professionals, The Case Of Stolen Time will become a classic favorite of children and educators alike!” Community Press.

   “Once you start reading this terrific book, you can’t put it down! What a treasure for parents who want their children to enjoy reading.” – Joyce Carusi, NJ Plus reading editor in educational publishing, 14 year Director Sylvan Learning Center.

Program Details

   Just as Wayne Madsen’s books are extremely appealing to the modern internet generation of children, his school presentations are likewise immersive and engaging. He shows students how a book is put together, showcases illustrations made during the bookmaking process, and he’ll give out copies of those illustrations for the kids to keep. The importance and appeal of reading, especially in modern times, is something Wayne loves to share with kids. As in his books, Wayne’s presentation has an adventurous and fantastical aspect that blurs the line between education and entertainment.

   Wayne’s presentations are 45 minutes to an hour long. He is flexible about the size of the group he speaks to, and prefers ages 8 through 12. His presentation fee is around $300-$500, and this is negotiable.

Additional Information

To learn more about Wayne Madsen and his publications please visit this website.