Shelley Ashby has a Master’s Degree from Temple University in exercise and sport psychology. She has 20 years’ experience as an educator in the health and wellness industry and was featured on a fitness series that aired on CNN. Shelley also co-produced a fitness video, Bounce Back, and is co-author of the book Chloe’s Closet. Her six step program to better body balance provides participants with specific tools to improve posture, increase energy, and enhance physical appearance. Shelley and her husband live in Glenside, Pennsylvania with their daughter.

   Vikki Carrel is a national speaker and author of Switching Lanes and co-author of Chloe’s Closet. For 15 years Vikki worked in the fashion industry. As the co-owner of a Texas based fashion production company Vikki produced events for the likes of Olivia Newton John, GQ Magazine and designers Steve Fabrikant and Ralph Lauren. Vikki draws upon her experience as a show producer in the high paced world of fashion to enlighten audiences about life balance, alleviating stress, personal empowerment, and overcoming limitations. Vikki holds a degree in Business Administration/ Marketing. Vikki and her husband live in Bucks County, Pennsylvania with their two sons.

Selected Reviews of Shelley Ashby and Vikki Carrel’s Books

Chloe’s Closet…the Treasures Within
Shelley Ashby and Vikki Carrel,
Illustrated by Cathy Goodrich

   Everyone saves things, whether it is something from childhood, a sentimental item, or even collectibles. Sometimes it is hard to part with such treasures, making cleaning out a closet nearly impossible. Chloe has the task of cleaning out her bedroom closet. She has been saving things from her childhood since she was little. She has only a few weeks to get everything spotless before she has to leave for college. Reluctantly she starts and soon finds out that the closet is a museum of memories. As she finds items from different parts of her life, she reminisces about the significance of that particular item. There is the ugliest doll she has ever seen that she got from her grandmother. She hated it and didn’t want to play with it. However, one day certain events happened that made her want to play with the doll and started a wonderful relationship. She connected with the doll and does not ever want to part with it. Other wonderful things come to mind that she has forgotten over the years as she goes through item after item. More important, Chloe brings to mind some valuable lessons she has learned and will always keep with her. This delightful book is fun, amusing, and educational to read. The lessons learned are valuable ones that every reader can use in their own lives. Children, parents, and teachers alike will take pleasure in reading this book. 2008, MMI Press, $6.95. Ages 9 up. Reviewer: Cathi I. White (Children’s Literature).

Program Details

Book Club in a Bag

An exciting new program being offered to school librarians. Shelley and Vikki have designed a flip chart that teaches girls how to organize and host a book club. The flip chart is paired with a copy of the book Chloe’s Closet…the Treasures Within. Shelley and Vikki are available to meet with literary groups in the school settings. They are committed to empowering and inspiring girls and their hope is that Book Club in a Bag will encourage girls to disconnect from texting/facebook and will connect them to reading and making friendships through belonging to a book club. During the 50 minute interactive presentation they accomplish the following:

  • introduce Book Club in a Bag
  • discuss how to organize and host a book club
  • discuss why and how we co-authored our book
  • introduce our book to the girls

Balance Your Life–Balance Your Body

This presentation is a two-part seminar that teaches life-altering strategies for balancing one’s life and body. The program focuses on positive thought and behavioral choices which lead to increased personal and professional productivity.

Sunny-Side Up

In this program, Vikki and Shelley take a close look at personal limitations. This insightful seminar offers a practical approach to modifying negative behavior. Audiences will be inspired to remove negative labels and focus on their personal strengths.

What Is to Be…Is Up to Me

This program is a hands-on assembly designed for students in grades 4-6. Shelley and Vikki introduce five strategies that help youth learn how to make choices that will bring them happiness and a sense of personal power.

Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall

This is an upbeat, interactive seminar filled with practical advice and invaluable concepts to help teens successfully navigate through issues such as labels, perceptions, values and body image.


Vikki and Shelley’s presentations are geared for students in grades K-6. They will do 2-3 presentations of 60 minutes per day. The price is $500 for one 60-minute seminar and $500 for one 50-minute assembly.

Additional Information

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