Vanita Braver, M.D.(“Dr. Vanita”) is a renowned Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist, speaker, and best selling author of Pinky Promise and Party Princess in the nine children’s picture book series, “Teach Your Children Well.” The Child and Family Press of the Child Welfare League of America (CWLA) is publishing her book series, written with her positive parenting expertise. She is also a freelance writer on various topics related to children, parenting and family matters. Of note, her work and expertise have been featured in various print media including the Wall Street Journal, Child Magazine and Parents Magazine. She is also the columnist of “Mind Talk” for Kahani Magazine, the highly regarded South Asian literary magazine for children.

   Dr. Vanita is a keynote speaker at national conferences, and a frequent lecturer at hospitals, schools, libraries, and community centers. Dr. Vanita received her medical degree from Robert Wood Johnson Medical School in Piscataway, N.J. She completed her psychiatric training at Cornell’s New York-Presbyterian Hospital in New York City. Currently, she is the Psychiatric Medical Director of Bonnie Brae, a residential treatment center for troubled youth in Liberty Corner, N.J. She is also a double-boarded physician on the medical staff of Morristown Memorial Hospital in Morristown, N.J. and lives in Warren, N.J. with her husband and three daughters.

Selected Reviews of Vanita’s Books

Pinky Promise : A Book About Telling The Truth
Vanita Braver
Illustrated by Cary Pillo
When Madison’s mother discovers her broken camera, Madison says she does not know anything about it. What she doesn’t say is that she dropped it. The family discusses the mystery at dinner, but Madison asks to be excused to her room because her stomach aches. Huddled there, her eyes fall upon Honesty, her stuffed bear, who seemingly, inexplicably, bolsters Madison’s courage. Madison returns to the kitchen and asks her father vague questions about doing wrong, telling untruths, and apologizing. Further bolstered, Madison seeks out her mother and spills the whole story of the broken camera. Madison and her mother hook pinkies, Madison vowing to never lie again. Exactly what her mother vows is never stated. Madison is now feeling well enough to eat a sandwich and be tucked into bed, blissful. Honesty Bear, peering down from a shelf above, inexplicably again, becomes seemingly live, or at least animated, climbing down to cuddle with her as she drifts happily to sleep. While a realistic moral dilemma for this audience, the oldest in the age range may struggle with believability and triteness in the reading of it. The youngest may be impatient with long text. Charming watercolor illustrations of the characters capture a good range of emotions, even in Honesty Bear, believability aside. The book is the first in Dr. Braver’s “Teach Your Children Well” series. 2004, Child & Family Press, $7.95. Ages 4 to 8. Reviewer: Anne May (Children’s Literature).

Party Princess
Vanita Braver
Illustrated by Cary Pillo
Madison is having a birthday party. To finish getting ready, Madison decides to use her mother’s make-up without asking. Unfortunately, her plan backfires, and she ruins her dress and her face just before the party. At the party she decides to share a gift with her best friend. This is a well written book because the consequences are clearly defined when Madison gets into trouble. She understands what she has done wrong, and her parents deal with the problem while still allowing her to enjoy her birthday party. A child must be old enough to have had the idea of getting into make-up before this book is read so it does not give the child any new ideas. This is also a terrific book for demonstrating diversity for children without telling them about it. The illustrations are simple, yet concise. The picture book allows a young child to follow along with the story while an adult reads the text. Parents who have problems with their “princess” getting into make-up can use this book as a valuable teaching opportunity. 2005, Child Welfare League of America, $8.95. Ages 4 to 8. Reviewer: Nicole Peterson (Children’s Literature).

Program Details

Author Visits
For Schools & Libraries for Children ages 3 to 11.
One hour, half day, or full day sessions
Teach Your Children Well: Pinky Promise & Party Princess.

Book reading and signing is combined with age-appropriate, fun interactive presentations. The presentations are designed not only to enhance character development but also to inspire creative written expression.

Workshop For Educators and Other Professionals
90 minutes, half day or full day sessions
Teach Your Children Well: Introducing Character-Centered Education in Preschool/Elementary School.

Acquire a comprehensive understanding of the basic principles of character education. Learn how to infuse these principles daily into existing curriculum and activities by employing a collection of practical strategies and tools

Workshop for Parents and Other Caregivers
90 minutes
Teach Your Children Well: How to Raise Children with Strong Character and Self-Worth.

How do children grow in their minds and hearts to be rich inside?
Learn how character is developed and nurtured so children can reach their highest potential and feel valued.

Keynote Presentation for Everyone
60 to 90 minutes
Teach Your Children Well: Children are Our Greatest Resource

How do we cultivate the character traits that enhance a child’s success? This engaging keynote features inspiring real-life stories and is filled with practical solutions

Fees: In state (New Jersey) school visits for preK – 5th grade are $1200 for a day. (Dr. Braver will make 3 – 6 presentations in a day, depending on group size.) Out-of-state are $1400, plus travel and expenses. School parenting workshops in state (New Jersey) begin at $500, whereas out of state, parenting workshops begin at $750. Keynote speaker fees begin at $2000. All fees are negotiable. Travel and lodging costs to be covered by booking organization.

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