Twyla Prindle is the president and founder of Kash Kids. Through her foundation Twyla teaches children basic financial and entrepreneurial principles such as learning the difference between assets and liabilities, learning the importance of goal setting and finding your passion to fulfill your purpose. Twyla’s students vary from ages 3 to 19. Most of her students start their own business through her program and have done everything from writing books to designing their very own flip flops.

Twyla is the author of numerous books, including Where is My Money? and Can I Have Some Money Please? She has appeared on several local and national radio and television programs. She believes that children should learn at a young age what will become common sense to them as adults. Twyla lives in North Florida.

Selected Reviews of Twyla Prindle’s Books

Mommy’s Pleasure…Children’s Treasures, Vol. I
Twyla Prindle

Where is My Money?
Twyla Prindle, Illustrated by Randy Jennings

Can I Have Some Money Please?
Twyla Prindle, Illustrated by Lorie Miller Hansen

Program Details

Where is My Money? Workshop

In this workshop, children will play interactive games with their favorite classmates as they learn how to finance the things they want quickly without using mom and dad. They will also learn how important it is to keep track of their money. This program is ideal for kids in grades 3 and up.

A Cash Flow Competition

This activity takes a minimum of 1.5 hours. Children will learn the difference between assets and liabilities as well as learn how to read a financial statement. The winners will win cool prizes. This is ideal for grades 4 and up.

Where is My Money? Interactive Skit

This skit helps explain financial basics in a way kids will understand and enjoy. The skit will typically last 20-30 minutes. However, if there is a need to expand to an hour, this is also an option. Ideal for grades K-3.

Reading Time

In this activity, children are read one or both books and meet the mascot for the Where is My Money? and Can I Have Some Money Please? books. There is an additional $100 charge for the mascot, Little Twyla. Children will also learn the songs to each book. Designed for grades K-2.

Money Hunt

This activity is similar to the traditional Easter Egg Hunt. Plastic eggs will be hidden and children will be able to hunt for the eggs. Eggs will contain money, candy, or both. Designed for all ages.


The cost for each visit is $1000 per day, with the mascot Little Twyla available at an extra $100.

Additional Information

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