Sharon’s childhood was spent in Johnstown, NY, birthplace of Elizabeth Cady Stanton and the baronial home of Sir William Johnson, Superintendent of Indian Affairs in Colonial New York. Her grandmothers told stories of their childhoods, and Sharon enjoyed attending storytimes at the public library. Stories were a big part of holidays, as the family sat around the table after a meal sharing family and just-plain-funny tales. When Sharon attended library school and took a course in storytelling she knew she had found the perfect way to share her love of stories, history, ethnic cultures and books. She was a children’s librarian at the Penfield (NY) Public Library for 19 years. Sharon is currently a member of the Genesee Storytellers in Rochester, NY. She played an active role in the revitalization of storytelling in that community through her involvement in the University of Rochester Storytelling Conference. She has participated in the National Year of Reading in Northern Ireland and was a guest storyteller at the Tullycarnet Library (Belfast, N. Ireland) in 2006. She performed at the DC Public Library in a Hans Christian Andersen program co-sponsored by the Royal Danish Embassy. While living in the Washington, DC area Sharon was the Storyteller-In-Residence at the Harbor School in Maryland and Green Hedges School in Virginia.

Program Details

Sharon offers the following workshops:

Storytelling Techniques
   Storytelling is both an art and a craft. In this workshop participants will discover how to learn and how to tell a story.
Ages 10 to adult.

Creating a Fable
   Participants will hear several fables and will then discuss the elements of a fable. Participants can work alone or in groups to write an original fable.
Ages 10 to Adult.

Creating a Myth
   Participants will hear several myths and will then discuss the elements of a myth.
Participants can work alone or in groups to write an original myth.
Ages 10 to adult.

Tales for Peace
   Participants will listen to folktales on this topic, appropriate for the age of the audience.
Sharon will lead a discussion of the tales and how they relate as obstacles to or instruments of peace. Discussion will include how we can bring peace into our everyday lives, as well as working toward world peace.
Upper Elementary, Middle School, High School and College.

Storytelling in the Classroom
   Sharon demonstrates how storytelling can enliven and rejuvenate classes across the curriculum, and help students make connections that will help them learn.

Resources for Storytelling
   Where do you go to find appropriate folktales for your audience? With her years of experience as a storyteller and children’s librarian Sharon talks about the resources for various age audiences, curriculum tie-ins, and tales from around the world.

Workshops are a minimum of 90 minutes.

Performances are customized for each audience.
With a rich repertoire of folk and fairy tales from around the world, Sharon can design a specific program for your needs. Her repertory includes but is not limited to:

  • Foolish and Clever Folk (Lazy Jack and The Farmer’s Clever Daughter)
  • Holiday Programs(Halloween – The Ghost and the Graveyard; Prince Alun and the Canwyl Corph; Christmas – Baboushka, The Gingerbread Boy)
  • Winter Tales (The Snow Maiden; Granny Glittens and Her Amazing Mittens) Tall Tales (Old Dry Frye; Jim Meets the Bear)
  • Tales for Peace (Not Our Problem; The War of the Animals Against the Birds)
  • Sixteenth Century Age of Exploration (Salt; The Search for the Magic Lake)

For storytelling programs, the ideal group is under 75 students. Sharon will take up to 150 students in one session. She will perform a maximum of 5 programs in a day.
Workshop sizes vary, depending on the age of the participants and the type of workshop.

Costs: $200 for one 45 minute program; $500 for full day in school (up to 5 performances). Workshops are $300 for 90 minutes to $1,000 maximum, depending on the length of the workshop. Travel and lodging costs to be covered by the booking organization.

Additional Information