Ryan SanAngelo is a children’s author, music performer, teacher, and all around cool guy! All of these characteristics shine through in his performances, as does Ryan’s energy and love for the imagination. Children easily identify with Ryan, through his friendly and cool attitude. His presentations are multi-faceted with stories, songs, discussions, and humor. There’s something for everyone!

Since 2002, Ryan SanAngelo has been delighting students at schools with his stories and songs. Ryan’s presentations are informational, inspirational, and sensational!

His first book, Spaghetti Eddie, tells the tale of a boy who uses his beloved spaghetti to help people with their problems. Spaghetti fixes broken shoelaces, makes a fishing net, replaces guitar strings, and a well thrown meatball stops a robber in his tracks. Ryan reads his book with such expression and enthusiasm; it’s a performance within itself.

Ryan’s newest book, Bye Bye Balloon, is the story of an adventurous balloon’s journey around the world. Children can go along for the ride, as they see amazing sights in different countries.

Ryan SanAngelo’s songs are colorful and packed with creative energy. Ryan sings and raps about kid-related themes, such as books, nutrition, being the best you can be, reading, and playing. He also performs songs about his books.

In addition to being an author and performer, Ryan SanAngelo has also taught as a 1st grade teacher, a media specialist, and a tutor.

Selected Reviews of Ryan SanAngelo’s Books

Spaghetti Eddie
Ryan SanAngelo
Illustrated by Jackie Urbanovic
   Eddie, a young boy with a passion for spaghetti, enjoys it every day except on Sunday, when he delights in ravioli. One day, while buying a can of frosting for his father’s surprise birthday party, Eddie stumbles upon several neighbors in need. Luckily, Eddie has his bowl of spaghetti with him and offers noodles as the fix for his neighbors’ problems. Eddie’s spaghetti noodles become a shoelace, a fishing net, and guitar strings. His meatballs even apprehend a burglar! After this very eventful day, Eddie races home and is surprised to see all of his neighbors at the party, telling his family how he saved the day. The neighborhood enjoys Eddie’s father’s surprise party, and they all eat spaghetti for dessert! The book’s colorful and humorous illustrations, quick tempo, and large text make it a asset to classrooms everywhere. SanAngelo and Urbanovic combine an invigorating, high-quality hero story with bright illustrations and an action-filled plot, allowing children of all ages to enjoy and learn a valuable life lesson from this wonderful picture book. 2009, Boyds Mills Press, $9.95. Ages 5 to 8. Reviewer: Anna Lee McLeod (Children’s Literature).

Program Details

Believe in Your Creativity (45 minute program)

Ryan will read Spaghetti Eddie and/or Bye Bye Ballon

  • He will share the books by holding them up, however using a laptop/projector/screen makes the experience even better for big groups. This is especially true for the illustrations in Bye Bye Balloon.

Ryan will talk about how he wrote his books

  • He wrote Spaghetti Eddie as the final project in a children’s literature class in college. He loves to show children his original version of the book. It’s a simply made book with drawings done by Ryan and not an artist. It shows children that books can start out like the ones they often make.

Ryan will talk about how Spaghetti Eddie got published and how he published Bye Bye Ballon himself.

  • The depth of the content of the discussion can vary depending on age.
  • The overall message is–if you believe in something don’t give up when someone turns you down. Believe in your creativity!

Ryan will perform original songs

  • The songs are about his books, reading, nutrition, being active, being the best you can be, and other themes related to being a kid.

Additional Information

To learn more about Ryan SanAngelo and his publications please visit www.ryansanangelo.com.