What Poetry Alive! Is

   Founded in 1984, POETRY ALIVE! fields groups of two-person teams who travel to school districts worldwide. Their high-energy presentations have taken Poetry Alive! to a total audience of more than 7,000,000 in all 50 states as well as the District of Columbia, Guam, Puerto Rico, Saipan, South Korea, China, the Bahamas, and Peru.

   Each year Poetry Alive conducts approximately 2000 performances, over 750 classroom follow-ups and 150 teacher workshops for an estimated 600,000 students nationwide. We also conduct several specialized on-site in-services of one to five days each year.

   Not a canned, ‘cookie-cutter’ event, PA’s performance techniques are fresh and focused on connecting students to text. PA techniques can easily be customized to emphasize reading, writing or performance.

   Poetry Alive!’s high-energy assembly shows are presented by a team of two professional performers. Student audiences range from kindergarten through the university level. A typical 35-50 minute show includes 20-25 poems tailored to fit the ages and interests of the audience. The poems, memorized and performed theatrically, are found in popular textbooks and anthologies. The shows change each year.

   Poetry Alive! performers are available to visit individual classrooms to work directly with smaller groups. Using the assembly show as a springboard, Poetry Alive! will demonstrate how the students can use performance techniques to experience poetry more fully.

   Poetry Alive! conducts workshops that introduce educators to the basics of using performance as a pathway to understanding, experiencing, and appreciating poetry.

Program Details

Fees and Requirements

  • 1-day only:
    $810 plus lodging* or $990 with no lodging**
  • 2-day block:
    $1500 plus lodging* or $1860 w/no lodging**
    ($750* or $930 per day)
  • 3-day block:
    $2070 plus lodging* or $2610 w/no lodging
    ($690* or $870 per day)
  • 4-day block:
    $2640 plus lodging* or $3360 w/no lodging
    ($660* or $840 per day)
  • 5-day block:
    $3150 plus lodging* or $4050 w/no lodging**
    ($630* or $810 per day)
  • Single Show: $500 plus lodging or $680 with no lodging

Additional Information

To learn more about Poetry alive and their publications please visit www.poetryalive.com.