Because Paula Chase Hyman keeps her finger on the pulse of teen culture, her books are tremendously appealing to young, modern teenagers. Incorporating all the slang, clique-drama, and Instant Messenging of the modern teenaged experience, the style and content of her books is highly readable to the fast-paced internet generation.

   Paula received her Bachelor of Science in Communications with a concentration in Public Relations. Working for a little while at a Techie company, after that she began to write free-lance and hasn’t looked back since. She loves being a writer, and she’s always been a voracious reader. In her youth she enjoyed the works of Judy Blume and Mildred D. Taylor, and now some of her favorite writers are Stephen King and Scott Westerfield.

   Paula’s books have received a wonderful response from the world of young adult literature, and have brought a uniquely modern style to the table. Her school visits are similarly cool, modernized and engaging for the students.

Selected Reviews of Paula’s Books

So Not the Drama
Paula Chase Hyman
   Mina begins her first year at Del Rio Bay High with one goal: to keep riding the wave of popularity she so carefully cultivated in middle school. But DRBH is a whole different game, with shifting friendships, “ice queens, ghetto chicks” and class assignments that force students to confront their own prejudices. With humor and a clear eye, Maryland author Paula Chase sees straight to the heart of today’s teen culture. Her debut young adult novel, So Not the Drama, introduces a smart, chatty protagonist and a “jellybean mix of kids, Asian, Indian, Middle Eastern, black, white, and in between” trying to figure out their place in high school and beyond. 2007, Kensington/Dafina, $9.95. Young Adult. Reviewer: Mary Quattlebaum (Children’s Literature).

Don’t Get it Twisted
Paula Chase Hyman
   “This is an ethnically and socioeconomically diverse bunch, but the characters and details play naturally into the story. The book’s slow start lays the groundwork for big revelations and exciting developments for the clique members, and IM chats and hip-hop slang liven up the text and dialogue.” 2007, $9.95. Ages 7-10. Reviewer: Heather Booth (Booklist).

Program Details

Paula can do any of the following programs for a school visit:

  • Dude, I wrote that!

    Write a news article, magazine piece and a novel mini-chapter in 75 minutes using fun, easy exercises. Author of the Del Rio Bay Clique series, Paula Chase, will give teen writers ages 12+ tips on writing in multiple formats (newspaper, magazine and creative writing). Workshop participants will also be allowed to bring one piece of writing for Chase to critique. This workshop is for teens who love writing and would like to learn ways to take their writing to the next level. Serious writers only– it’s fun, but intense.

  • Extreme Author Challenge

    Hear young adult author, Paula Chase, outline the real scoop on being a writer, then experience deadlines, competition and promotion for yourself. This presentation works best if Paula’s visit is being hosted by multiple branches or classes.

  • Inspiration?

    For writers, there’s the creative side and the business side, and in between is a little thing called “forced inspiration.” Hear about the two sides of writing and the writing process, and then take a stab at creating a mini-story based on a photo or song.

   As far as addressing adults for panels, conferences, etc., Paula’s topic specialty is marketing and promotions, and anything related to working with or writing for teens. She has 16 years PR and marketing experience, and she has mentored teens for 20 years.

   Her fee is $250 for an hour presentation for schools and libraries. For a conference or a similar event, her fee is based on on where it is and what she’ll be doing for it. For a local conference where she is a guest panelist or similar position, her fee is $250, and $500 if she will be a key note speaker. If I have to travel, fees for accommodations would be extra.

Additional Information

To learn more about Paula and her publications please visit