Mutiya Vision is an extraordinary woman encompassing author/poet, workshop facilitator, entrepreneur, motivational speaker, wife and mother. She is the co-author of ten children’s books that focus on developing positive self-image and decision making skills for students in grades K-5. These titles published by Vision Works Publishing are a unique line of hard cover “character development” picture books. They contain storylines that feature engaging characters, who relate to the experiences of children in today’s culturally diverse communities. Ms. Vision teaches students in an interactive learning environment that engages them into establishing connections to their real life experiences and those of the characters in each title. Ms. Vision’s Author Study Program is designed to incorporate teachers, administrators, parents and students across the selected grade level with an interactive learning experience. Growing up she used writing to work out issues and turn emotional pain into poems and stories of inspiration. With the challenges faced from birth, she never wavered from believing “she could” when others suggested she could not! Her courage, warmth, energy and positive example are a source of inspiration to many.

Selected Reviews of Mutiya Vision’s Books

Daddy Loves His Baby Girl
David and Mutiya Vision
   An African-American daddy holds his baby girl. The baby sleeps, sits up, and is allowed to feed herself chocolate. She has two sisters. The glossy front cover shows the daddy kissing the baby’s cheek. The daddy has a moustache. Each two-page spread has a large framed picture opposite a simple sentence in very large print. One picture shows daddy sitting on a bench next to a trash can while holding the baby. A pigeon is in the background. “Sometimes we sit together and watch as things go by.” Another picture shows daddy hoisting the baby up in the air with one hand. “Sometimes my Daddy even teaches me how to fly!” Some of the colored pictures look like over exposed photographs. The daddy and baby are expected to bond to each other by spending time together. This simple message may come across as this book is read again and again. 2004, Soul Vision Works Publishing, $16.00. Ages 2 to 5. Reviewer: Carlee Hallman (Children’s Literature).

Mutiya Vision
   One in a series of eleven books from Vision Works, described on the website as “multicultural, character building” books that promote “love, respect, empowerment and inclusion,” this title is a rhyming affirmation of the importance of accepting oneself as a gift from God and learning to focus on your positives as a human being. The startling illustrations portray a child born without arms and his triumph over the criticism of others and belief in himself as a valuable, productive person. The text’s focus is on looking at one’s inner beauty of “goodness, deeds and spirit,” things we have control over versus things which we often do not, such as appearances. The book is ideal for teaching not only acceptance of one’s physical appearances, but for teaching all students acceptance of those who are different from themselves. Readers may want to visit the publisher’s website for information on the authors, illustrator, and additional materials with this same philosophy. 2004, Soul Vision Works Publishers, $17.00. Ages 4 to 7. Reviewer: Meredith Kiger, Ph.D. (Children’s Literature).

Missing You
David and Mutiya Vision
   The young African-American narrator of this picture book tells the reader how she likes to learn about her ancestors and the closeness of family that brings their spirits to life, even if they are no longer alive. The grief that comes with a loved one that is no longer with us becomes joy in remembering them, hearing stories about them, or having someone say that you are similar to that person because of something that you do. This book helps to explain that it is okay to grieve and okay to talk to family members who are no longer with us and that, even though you might not hear them respond, they may speak in other ways. Both a comfort and a powerful message, this book encourages readers to make their ancestors proud and honor them with new accomplishments. The narrator mentions God once but is more focused on the living spirit of the person who is gone and the overall theme of missing those people in our lives. The illustrations focus on people and portray both the living and the spirits of those who are gone. 2004, Soul Vision Works Publishing, $17.00. Ages 5 to 10. Reviewer: Shelly McCoy (Children’s Literature).

Program Details

Author Presentation: This student-centered introduction to author study workshops can be conducted in the classroom, library or auditorium. This presentation introduces the school community to the literary works of Mutiya Vision and her inspirational story of success. Students, grade level teachers, and parents can meet the author and receive an overview of educational materials with an engaging presentation that can be followed up by additional hands-on classroom sessions. This author presentation can also be presented as a keynote speaker for a graduation ceremony or educational conference, and adapted to children K-12 as well as adult audiences.

Hands-on Classroom Sessions: Ms. Vision creates a hands-on interactive learning experience with students in the classroom. After the students have read literature written by Mutiya Vision, they will participate in a number of exercises that will stimulate critical thinking skills and enhance the creative writing process. Student’s activities include an author research questionnaire that leads to an in-person meet the author experience. Schools can elect to videotape the interviewing session.

Author Study Workshop Options: (45 minutes) Author Study Introduction Presentation/Workshop or Motivational Speaking Engagement; Hands-on Classroom Session Author Study Interview with Student Q & A (The Hot Seat Segment); Meet the Author Reading and Book Signing Presentation. Author reading in an setting of less than 75 students with a personalized autographing presentation.

Poet/Author Study Program Series: (45 minutes) Author Study Introduction Presentation; Hands- on Classroom Sessions; Meet the Author Interactive Reading and Book Signing Presentation.

Additional Information

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