Mike Graf has written over 70 books for children. He has backpacked in our most famous national parks, interviewed storm-chasers, rafted through spectacular caves, rock-climbed in Yosemite, explored ghost towns, hiked to glaciers, encountered scorpions, participated in dinosaur digs, and much more. Mike’s books are inspired by these adventures and his love of the outdoors. They include both realistic fiction and nonfiction. In addition to writing, Mike enjoys sharing his experiences through school talks and workshops on weather, science, national parks, caving, the writing process, and more.

Selected Reviews of Mike’s Books

My Yosemite: A Guide for Young Adventurers
Mike Graf
   In eight chapters covering everything from “Yosemite’s Rich Past” to “Endless Things to See and Do,” Mike Graf calls on the park’s most knowledgeable insiders – biologists, rangers, even the park’s resident entertainer – to share their most exciting stories and best advice. Colorful photos and illustrations enable young readers to get up close and personal with Yosemite’s waterfalls, Giant Sequoia trees, sheer granite walls, and, of course, those famous black bears. This guide also recommends gear for a national park visit and offers safety tips, a wildlife observation how-to and birding guide, tips on managing a wildlife encounter, and a guide to rock climber lingo and a difficulty ratings system. Also featured are detailed accounts of famous climbs, tips on how to protect the park and keep it green, an historical timeline, and a list of popular hikes. Description from Publisher.

Mount Rushmore, Badlands, Wind Cave: Going Underground
Mike Graf
Illustrated by Marjorie Leggitt
   Encounter fossils, caves, and storm chasers as the Parkers traverse the trails of South Dakota’s awe-inspiring national parks. Robert and Kristen Parker lead their twin children, James and Morgan, on a series of mini-adventures through three parks, even coming across a pair of mischievous fossil poachers at Badlands National Park. Unfortunately, the poachers get away, but not before the Parkers record their description. The adventurers end with a visit to Mount Rushmore. It just so happens, the poachers turn up there! After reporting this information to park rangers, the Parkers sit back and enjoy the evening lighting ceremony of the Mount Rushmore National Memorial. In the latest of the “Adventures with the Parkers” series, Graf once again places the quaint family of four in the midst of natural wonders. He is a master of description, transporting readers to trails and caves, vividly depicting surroundings. The family’s adventures present readers with tantalizing sneak-peeks of what park visitors may encounter. Adults and some younger readers will be attracted to Graf’s magnificent imagery, taking them to places they may not have the chance to witness, or inspiring them to plan a visit. 2012, FalconGuides/Globe Pequot Press, Ages 8 to 13, $12.95. Reviewer: Remy Dou (Children’s Literature).

How Does a Cloud Become a Thunderstorm?
Mike Graf
   This book is part of an interesting, low-cost, paperback series that answers key topical questions about the Earth sciences. Its text, photos, and graphic elements will attract readers. Students in grades two through five will enjoy the easy-to-read font style and size with important words in bold. Photos are clearly labeled with sentence captions, and sidebars feature key questions and interesting information. There are many great resources in the nonfiction text to help students with research reports, and there is an extensive glossary. The “Find Out More” section includes lists of websites and books, an index, and a contents page. The photographs in the text are stunning and will keep the reader’s interest. The fact boxes found throughout the book engage readers with intriguing bits of information. I would recommend this series to both classroom teachers and librarians. Grades 3-5. 2010, Heinemann Library, 32p, $7.99. Reviewer: Tracy Alley (National Science Teachers Association (NSTA)).

Program Details

Mike Graf is an instructor in the Child Development Department at California State University, Chico. His background includes:

  • Upper grade elementary school teacher for 10 years.
  • Author of numerous books for teachers and children.
  • Former weathercaster at 6 different TV stations.

Mike Graf is available for multi-class or single-class presentations at your school site for the following topics:

  • Weather
  • Realistic fiction
  • Adventures in the outdoors, such as caves, rock climbing, national parks, etc.

Mike’s fees begin at $250 for a single presentation. He is willing to do up to four presentations in a day. Travel and lodging – Travel and lodging costs to be paid by sponsoring organization.

Additional Information

To learn more about Mike and his publications please visit www.mikegrafauthor.com.