Michael Anthony Steele is an author and screenwriter living in Dallas, Texas. He’s written for a wide variety of entertainment and educational properties from Barney & Friends to the novelization of the recent film, Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian. He’s written over 60 licensed books for such major properties as Shrek, Penguins of Madagascar, Wordgirl, The Batman, Garfield, Spider-man, Speed Racer, Winx Club, Sly Cooper, and many more. Anthony’s television experience begins with the award-winning PBS series Wishbone and carries him all the way to writing 25 episodes of Barney & Friends and 4 DVDs of Boz: The Green Bear Next Door.

   Between writing projects, Anthony is thrilled to give presentations to schools and libraries across the country. Having been fortunate enough to write for so many famous brands, his appearances require very little preparation on the part of the instructors because, most likely, the kids are fans of one or more of the properties for which he’s written.

   Anthony’s current presentation features multimedia elements and tells the story of how he became a writer—following an exciting path through a career in photography and special effects. His appearances have been described as the “rock-n-roll” author visits since he comes with an animated presentation, humor, audio/visual elements, loads of energy, and a guitar—that’s right, a guitar!

   His life’s journey has given him unique experience and the ability to share behind-the-scenes knowledge, tell stories, and answer questions not only about writing but also about the film and television industry. More importantly, the main theme of his program is how, with hard work and determination, the students can achieve anything they wish. Anthony was in elementary school when he was first inspired to become a writer and they too can get inspired right now! It’s just that simple and exciting!

Selected Reviews of Michael Anthony Steele’s Books

Cool Cat (Batman Series)
Michael Anthony Steele
   The title is a real play on words, as readers will learn. Bruce Wayne, aka Batman, is attending a friend’s party and admiring his cat collection–the Feline Diamond being the jewel of his collection. Bruce actually likes the frozen saber-toothed tiger best. This gathering is suddenly interrupted by Catwoman, who steals the diamond and is instrumental in breaking the frozen tiger’s cage. The tiger thaws out and escapes into the city. Now Batman heads out to recapture the tiger and to also get the diamond that Catwoman stole. He succeeds, but only because Catwoman actually lends a hand. Batman gets two out of the three cats. Part of the “Scholastic Reader” series, but closer to an easy reading chapter book. 2006, Scholastic, $3.99. Ages 7 to 9. Reviewer: Marilyn Courtot (Children’s Literature).

King of the Pirates
Michael Anthony Steele
   Monkey D. Luffy’s dream is to become King of the Pirates and find the legendary treasure One Piece, hidden by the notorious pirate Gold Roger before his execution. Luffy has no ship and no crew, but he has special powers: incurable optimism, and, thanks to eating the Cursed Fruit, his body is made of rubber. The first friend he makes on his quest, Koby, has been forced to serve the pirate queen Alvida; the two young seafarers escape a battle between the Navy and the pirates. Their search for pirate hunter Rorona Zolo takes them to Naval Base Island and into confrontations with the corrupt Navy Captain Morgan and his vicious son, Helmeppo. Luffy saves the day repeatedly with his amazing powers, and when he and his new crew of one set sail for another adventure in Grand Line, readers will cheer and be eager for more. This chapter book, based on the Japanese manga series by Eiichiro Oda, is an action-packed combination of pirate story, fantasy, and classic adventure tale. The quick pace, humor, and suspense will hold the attention of most young readers and appeal especially to fans of all things pirate-related. 2006, Scholastic, $4.99. Ages 9 to 12. Reviewer: Keri Collins (Children’s Literature).

Program Details

Mirroring the age-range of his books and videos, Anthony works best with grades K-5. His current presentation not only describes what it’s like to be a writer but also explores the exciting journey of how he got there. Although the show remains the same, he reworks the language for each age group. No matter what the age, the main theme of his show is how the kids in the audience can be anything they want to be.

Presentation needs: PA system (unless audience is under 50 students), input into the PA or separate amplifier for 1/4-inch guitar cable, access to a projector or large screen TV that accepts RCA video and audio inputs, small table or podium, bottled water, lunch.

Writing Workshops: Anthony is aware that not every student is interested in or wants to be a writer when he or she grows up. Therefore, he has had amazing success with schools that schedule separate writing workshops for those students who enjoy writing or are interested in becoming a writer. In these sessions he answers specific questions and offers key advice guaranteed to form good writing habits and/or improve their existing writing. In the past, teachers have also chosen students with aptitude but may have been too shy to volunteer.

Fees: $550 per day plus travel expenses. Presentations (up to 3 per day) are 30-45 minutes.

Additional Information

To learn more about Michael Anthony Steele and his publications please visit www.michaelanthonysteele.com.