Born in Ketchikan, Alaska, Lita Judge grew up immersed in all aspects of nature as she lived in remote areas of Oregon, Utah, Nevada, and Wisconsin. Since her grandparents were both wildlife biologists, the summers spent with them included banding hawks and rehabilitating falcons. Her extensive travels with her parents involved photographing all sorts of wildlife. After studying geology in college, she spent two field seasons working on dinosaur digs for the Tryell Museum of Paleontology. Now she translates all of these experiences into writing and illustrating children’s books. Her book, One Thousand Tracings, was named a Gold Award winner in the 2007 National Parenting Publications Awards (NAPPA) Children’s Products competition. She lives in Peterborough, NH with her husband and two cats.

Selected Reviews of Lita’s Books

One Thousand Tracings
Lita Judge
   There was an immediate sense of a special gentleness as the book was opened. Perhaps, it was the art or the bits and pieces of yellowed, aged paper and photographs that were saved and collected from a different time, after World War II when the world tried to heal. A young girl and her mother sent packages to Europe where families were overjoyed with a sweater, canned food, or a bar of soap; the simple items were luxuries for people in the aftermath of war. Even a pair of used shoes filled the desperate needs of the husband and wife who took turns sharing a pair of shoes to work the day and night shifts. Tracings of a foot on paper lined the house as the girl and her mother tried to fit the desperate and growing need for shoes by matching the cutout with the footwear they had collected and were sending to waiting feet in Europe. Based on her grandparent’s experience, Lita Judge presents a loving tribute to their humanitarian act. 2007, Hyperion Books for Children, $15.99. Ages 5 to 10. Reviewer: Carrie Hane Hung (Children’s Literature).

Donna Jo Napoli
Illustrated by Lita Judge
   “.…lush with details of the natural world and animal behavior” School Library Journal. 2006, Hyperion, $14.99. Ages 9-11.

Program Details

Path to Becoming an Author and Illustrator: Using photographs and stories Judge shares her journey to becoming an author/illustrator. The talk will encourage students to think of themselves as future writers and illustrators and how to develop their interests in writing and art. Suitable for grades K-9.

Daydreams, Digs and Dinosaurs! A Journey Through Time: Using her book D Is For Dinosaurs she uses a PowerPoint demonstration of her work on digs to demonstrate the eventual writing, illustrating, and publication of the book. Suitable for grades K-4.

The Story Behind the Story: She shares each step of researching, writing, and illustrating her book One Thousand Tracings. She will show the large framed panels that are made up of the letters and photos that inspired the book and discuss the process of turning research into a story, including character development, settings, and story arc. Suitable for grades 3-9.

The Creative Process of an Illustrator: Using slides she will demonstrate how she works from reading the original manuscript to rough sketches, to the final illustrations. The PowerPoint presentation includes pictures of her sitting in a wildlife blind gathering information and photographs, as well as other aspects of her work. Suitable for students grades 2-9.

Presentations: Up to four programs per day with 1-3 classes preferred but slightly larger groups can be considered.

Fees: $500.00 per school day in New Hampshire
$600.00 per school day out of state. Over 3 hours travel—overnight expenses additional.

Additional Information

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