Just like the stories she tells, Linda’s career as a storyteller started with a story. Years ago in Shanghai, China, a teacher who wanted to help a ten-year old girl overcome her shyness handed her a book and said, “Go and read the story, my child. Come back tomorrow and see if you can tell it to me.” That launched Linda Fang’s career as a storyteller. She has since gone on to win storytelling competitions and has become a professional storyteller who delights children and adults every day.

   Linda’s inspiration comes from her homeland of China, where she has collected stories from Chinese folktales, historical anecdotes, Chinese opera and oral traditions. She likes to bring the wonder and beauty of China to audiences of all
ages. For this she uses ancient Chinese costumes, props, folk music, as well as immersing audiences with different voices, expressions, gestures, and even bringing kids up to act out a part of the story. Linda is a wonderful presence to have at any venue, and she has visited such reknowned establishments in the past as The Kennedy Center and the Arthur M. Sackler Gallery. Her author visits are incredibly unique because they bring a whole new world to the audience through powerful and immersive storytelling.

Selected Reviews of Linda’s Books

The Ch’i-lin purse : a collection of ancient Chinese stories
Linda Fang
   A professional storyteller, Fang has collected nine stories that were told to her as a young child. Taken from different periods in Chinese history, each story reflects the values and customs of each particular time period and governing dynasty. The stories chronicle the adventures of many characters including two brides who marry on the same day, a carp fish who changes herself into a woman, and a woman who is raised as a boy. Each celebrates the ultimate goodness of the human spirit. The soft black and white illustrations are a beautiful compliment to each of the stories. This collection would bean excellent addition to a world history curriculum as well as an aide in teaching the art of storytelling. 1995, Sunburst/Farrar Straus Giroux, $16.00 and $4.95. Ages 8 up. Reviewer: Susan Hoyle Fournier (Children’s Literature).

Program Details

Linda offers the following programs for school visits.

A Journey Back to Ancient China:
Join Linda Fang as she takes off on a trip back in time. Meet emperors, lords, simple folks, heroes or villains. Treat yourself to humorous, witty, heartwarming stories that come alive in front of you. Step into the ancient world of China and find your own place. Before you know it, you are part of the story!

The Ch’i-lin Purse:
This performance includes a package of gem-like stories adapted from traditional Chinese opera. (“The Ch’i-lin Purse”, “The Clever Magistrate”, “Two Misses Peony”, “The Miracle Doctor”)

Chinese New Year and Other Festivals
This show consists of stories about the Chinese New Year, how the major festival in China got started, the traditions observed during the festival, and why the Chinese people celebrate the New Year for fifteen days. Stories about other festivals and traditions are also told.

“Draw a Snake and Add Feet”–Stories about Words
Witty, humorous, and enlightening, this show presents of stories about Chinese expressions and proverbs. You will understand why the Chinese language is a story language and enjoy the pleasure and wisdom the language can convey.

Liao Zai: Tales from the “Chat Study”
Experience some of the finest ghost stories from the classic collection of Liao Zai written by Pu Song Ling. Ghosts, spirits, monsters of the Chinese tradition come to life in this thrilling, suspenseful and thought-provoking show.

Additional Information

To learn more about Linda Fang and her publications please visit www.chinesestoryteller.com.