Kyra Teis began her artistic career while majoring in folklore as an undergraduate. Drawn to symbolic and mythological imagery, she studied folktales and other stories from many different cultures. During this time, she identified that writing and illustrating children’s books would be a perfect way to combine many of the things she loved. Kyra has been surrounded by the arts all her life. Her mother, whose first career was a costume designer for the theater, let Kyra play with fancy wigs, fabric and colorful trim. Kyra learned her distinctive paper collage technique from her father, who was a contemporary artist. Her father’s studio was always open to her, with unlimited access to paper, paint and other art supplies. These days, Kyra draws inspiration from her extensive travels, her husband and young daughter. She enjoys designing creative workshops and speaking to students about making stories and images of their own.

Selected Reviews of Kyra’s Books

Read to Me
Judi Moreillon
Illustrated by Kyra Teis
   Toddlers love to be read to and will enjoy this book of poetry. The theme of the book emphasizes the importance of reading to the child no matter where you are or what time of day. Simple rhymes promote reading and spending time with the child. This book allows the reader and parent to bond through reading and looking at the pictures. The author’s simple statement, “read to me and watch me grow,” says it all. Toddlers will also enjoy the brightly drawn illustrations. 2004, Star Bright Books, $6.95. Ages 2 to 4. Reviewer: Cathi I. White (Children’s Literature)

Program Details


  • Story time! Fun time! Kyra will read Look!, do a “call-out” game with colors and shapes, and then lead a collage-craft activity. Teacher assistance needed. Best for classes of approx. 20 students.


  • How do you make your art? Find out with this interactive demonstration. Kyra and the students will discuss where to find information for our artwork, then she will show them an original illustration, art materials, and then demonstrate the process of making a collage. Best for classes of approx. 20 students.
  • The Magic Flute (coming Winter, ’07) Kyra will read The Magic Flute, discuss the traits of certain characters and how to portray them in an illustration, then lead a creative drawing exercise. Best for classes of approx. 20 students.


  • Illustrator, Private Eye: Being an Illustrator is Like Being a Detective. In this image-packed presentation, Kyra shows them how she does research for her artwork and also how revision is an important part of any project. Overhead projector and screen required. Larger groups okay.

8 and up

  • What’s it like being an illustrator? “Yes it’s nice to go to work in my PJ’s, but there’s a lot more to it than that”, says Kyra. This talk is all about what it takes to have a career in picture book illustration. Overhead projector and screen required. Larger groups okay.

Numbers of Sessions in a Day – 4
Target Grades – K-8+
Maximum number of students in each session — preK-3, 25 — 3 and up, 25-60
Costs – $600+
Travel and lodging – Travel and lodging costs to be covered by booking organization.

Additional Information

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