Working with the best native translators and voice talents, Kristin Reiber Harris has worked diligently to create bilingual media for young children. Her dedication to authentic accents and language ensures that children are having the very best exposure in a bilingual experience. Her own exposure to different languages came early on as she lived in Paris and Mexico. After high school she attended the University of Madrid and fell in love with Spanish and Latino culture.

   Harris acknowledges the valuable input of Cecilia Domeyko of Accent Media in the production of Bees Buzz & Lions Roar/Las abejas zumban y los leones rugen. The two met through Women in Film & Video in D. C. and were able to work together to create the wonderfully well conceived and produced Bees Buzz…

   Her choice of animals and nature for Bees Buzz… was based on her own love of animals and the knowledge that children love animals as well. The topic naturally lends itself to capturing their attention and imagination. She is also invested in the idea that parents have the responsibility and obligation to help children understand that all living creatures share the Earth.

   Harris is eager to share her thoughts with parents and educators on books, educational media, art for kids, and book reviews, as well as information about learning English and Spanish. She encourages visits to her blog, which is found on her web site.

Selected Reviews of Kristin’s Books

Bees Buzz & Lions Roar/Las abejas zumban y los leones rugen
   “Simple, bold animation, bright colors, fun characters, and engaging original music combine to create an entertaining and educational environment for learning a language. The voices are clear and articulate, and the words are well-enunciated.” Reviewer: Denise A. Garofalo, Astor Learning Center, Rhinebeck, NY. School Library Journal.

   “The video is for two- to five-year-olds, and they would find it delightful. Children this age love animals. There are more than 50 different ones here, including some unusual ones such as a vole, sturgeon, lemur, newt, and pelican. I really like the text subtitles that accompany the stories as a help in learning to read. And the animated page-turns are a nice touch. I was pleasantly surprised by the mood and quality of the video. Many children’s videos present a barrage of images in a short amount of time, but Bees Buzz & Lions Roar has an enjoyable and calm pace. The sound effects are mostly appropriate (a frog belches once), and the narration is clear and easy to understand. If your young children are learning Spanish, or if your older ones are and you’d like to provide something to include the little ones in your studies, this would be an excellent DVD to add your collection.” The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, April 2007

Program Details

Programs for Children:

  • Pre-school age: reading and an art project.
  • K to 3rd grade: Reading and an art project
  • K to 3rd grade could include “Animation-creating artwork on the computer” depending on the school facilities

Programs for Adults:

  • “Media Literacy for Kids”: helping your kids get the most out of electronic media
  • “Kids and Computers”: Art and animation/encouraging the artist in your child

Groups: Ideal 15 to 20, larger groups considered depending on presentation
Preschoolers 8-10 with adult supervision/K-3 up to 25.
Ages: PreK to Adult
Sessions: Up to 3 per day
Fees: $100.00 per hour

Additional Information

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