Kenneth R. Besser grew up in Natchez, Mississippi where his English teacher, Miss Gloria Gene Mitchell, provided his earliest inspiration for his later writing career. He wrote a short story for English class involving Dean Martin singing suavely as a short-order cook! His first endeavor in the writing world was self-publishing several legal thrillers from 1994 to 2004. When he wrote the Arnie Carver Adventures for his children, it was their eagerness about the books that convinced him to publish them, too.

   Kenneth’s first high school job was DJing for a Mississippi AM radio station. He enjoys types of music from gospel to country western, and he can usually be found writing, reading, or spending time with his wife and kids. The Arnie Carver series was largely inspired by J.K. Rowling’s enormously popular Harry Potter series, which intrigued Kenneth with its simple yet complex style and appeal. His book, and the other books in the series soon to be released, have a similarly appealing style to youthful readers, who love the character of Arnie and the classic situation he has been placed in, with his whole life ahead of him to be lived.

   In his school visits Kenneth likes to talk about the process and inspiration behind writing books. He understands how much reading can change the lives of young people, so he brings the dynamic experience of his books to every school visit.

Selected Reviews of Kenneth’s Books

Arnie Carver and the Plague of Demeverde
Kenneth R. Besser
   “This is a great story! I was prepared to find Thayne/Arnie to be an irritating rich boy, but he’s one of the sweetest, most genuine characters I’ve ever been introduced to. I can’t wait to see where he takes us next.” 2007, RTMC Organization, LLC, $14.95. Grades 6 or higher. Reviewer: Carrie Spellman (

Program Details

   Kenneth will talk with students about what it means to be a writer of a children’s novel, what it takes to put a full story together, and how it
feels to get feedback from kids who have read his book and “got it.” This generally segues his talks into the messages contained in the Arnie Carver series such as,
“Education, teamwork, diversity, and championing the underdog are all good things.” This often leads a little into discussions of civic responsibility. Then he’ll open the floor for questions. This can fill any length of a regular class period.

His fee rate is $1,000 per day, plus travel expenses.

   Kenneth is also working on doing a creative writing clinic for middle schoolers, and a separate one for high school fiction writers.

Additional Information

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