Katherine Rawson is a parrot lover, writer, and teacher. She was inspired to write If You Were a Parrot while watching her pet parrot Shadow, a small green parrot with a big personality. When Katherine isn’t playing with parrots, reading about them, or writing about them, she works as a freelance writer. She worked for many years as a teacher of English as a Second Language, teaching students of all ages from kindergarten through college. After many years of city living, Katherine and Shadow have recently returned to life in the country, where they enjoy taking walks through the woods and watching the “outside birds.”

Selected Reviews of Katherine’s Books

If You Were a Parrot
Katherine Rawson
Illustrations by Sherry Rogers
   An attractive cover consists of children and parrots. The parrots, as well as the children, have beaks! Their smiling, happy faces show that they are having a great time and it encourages the readers to open the book for more fun. A fast-paced humorous text keeps the story moving. Dazzling illustrations help the readers imagine how it would feel to be a parrot and how it would look. Engaging text consists of such concepts of backwards, up, all around, and in and out, to the top. The words are highlighted and have a font set apart from the regular text. This feature makes it easy for readers to read along after going through the book one or two times. Some other highlighted words are squawk, screech, laugh, climbing, chewing, preening. As with all Sylvan Dell books, end material consists of fun facts and a craft (this one is to make a beak). In addition, informative explains the responsibility of owning a parrot. Add this book to all libraries and to your private collection if possible. The material could supplement science or animal classes. 2006, Sylvan Dell, $15.95. Ages 4 to 8. Reviewer: Nancy Garhan Attebury (Children’s Literature).

Program Details

   “You Are a Parrot” Suitable for PreK and K
   This is a story time and craft activity. Rawson shares the book with the help of stories and pictures about her pet parrot-the inspiration for her book. A discussion about pet care can be included. The craft project is the make-a-beak craft described at the back of the book. Each child leaves with his/her own beak! (30-45 minutes).

“If You Were a . . .” Suitable for grades 1 through 3
   This book reading is accompanied by pictures and stories about Rawson’s pet parrot (the inspiration for the book). The children are invited to talk about their favorite animals and why they like them. The discussion includes interesting physical and personality characteristics of various animals. The second half of the session is devoted to writing on the topic of “If You Were a . . . ,” each child choosing their favorite animal to write about. We end with volunteers sharing their story with the class. A group story can be written instead of individual stories if the children are not yet ready for independent writing. (Aprox. 60 minutes).

Ages: Prek through 3
Number of Students: One class at a time
Visit: 3-4 presentations (30 to 60 minutes depending on age/group) and book signing.

School visits only, no conferences

Fee: $300.00 per visit

Additional Information

To learn more about Katherine and her publications please visit www.katherinerawson.com.