Julie Kraut is the co-author of Hot Mess and author of Slept Away, both laugh-out-loud funny young adult fiction titles with stellar reviews and mentions in Booklist, Seventeen.com, CosmoGirl.com, and the Washington Post among others. A graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, she hails from the not-so-mean streets of suburban Maryland. After living in New York and working in publishing for several years, she is back in the Maryland neighborhood writing full time. In addition to her fun and dishy young adult novels, Julie pens and performs humor pieces. Her writing has appeared in the Washington Post, Dallas Morning News, and Atlanta Journal-Constitution. When she’s not writing, Julie can be found reading, running, or reality TV watching.

   Julie is an experienced speaker at the middle and high school levels. She has met with teen book clubs, read to camp bunks, and even presented at a high school in Africa. Her presentations are lively and fun and her teen audiences are always engaged and enthusiastic with their questions.

Selected Reviews of Julie Kraut’s Books

Slept Away
Julie Kraut
   In this age of “Gossip Girl” and “NYC Prep,” Julie Kraut is doing her best to keep up. Slept Away is the classic tale a rich, spoiled girl removed from her comfort zone and forced to socialize with those she normally considers far beneath her. Laney Parker, the consummate city girl, is plucked from her upper-class home in New York City and dropped in the middle of wilderness hell, otherwise known as “Camp Timber Trails.” With no cell phone, no Diet Coke and no chocolate to sustain her, and with a wardrobe picked out by her mother, Laney is sure she will perish before summer’s end. And while she is used to being in the popular clique at home, here she is low man on the totem pole. Her loneliness is overwhelming until she connects with Sylvie–a surprisingly cool, if poorly dressed, bunkmate. Together they face the evil trio of “mean girls” they bunk with and plot to get Sylvie her first boyfriend. Along the way, Laney begins to consider that maybe, just maybe, the superficial and materialistic life she leads at home isn’t the only way to be. Kraut’s endless array of pop culture references are a bit over the top in this novel and might limit its readership to a particular portion of the teenage population. It is, however, a fun, light read with a charming and witty main character. Perfect for a summer day lounging by the pool. 2009, Delacorte Press, $8.99. Ages 14 to 18. Reviewer: Stephanie Dawley (Children’s Literature).

Program Details

Julie’s presentations are geared towards eleven through seventeen year olds and last 45 minutes, including a reading and time for questions. Fee and number of presentations are negotiable.

Additional Information

To learn more about Julie Kraut and her publications please visit www.juliekraut.com.