Judi Moreillon, Ph.D., is a nationally-recognized leader in school librarianship. She is an author, educator, and speaker on issues and topics related to children’s and young adult literature and family literacy. She has two published children’s books to her credit as well as a professional book for school librarians and classroom teachers on the subject of teaching reading comprehension strategies. She has authored and illustrated and facilitates several Web sites. She is also a freelance writer and a frequent contributor to journals for school library professionals.

   Judi shares her work in author visits to K-8 schools. She provides workshops, presentations, and key note speeches at education conferences and offers professional development opportunities for K-12 school librarians and classroom teachers. She lives in Tucson, Arizona with her husband, dog, and four Sonoran desert tortoises. Their human children are grown.

Selected Reviews of Judi’s Books

Read to Me
Judi Moreillon
   Toddlers love to be read to and will enjoy this book of poetry. The theme of the book emphasizes the importance of reading to the child no matter where you are or what time of day. Simple rhymes promote reading and spending time with the child. This book allows the reader and parent to bond through reading and looking at the pictures. The author’s simple statement, “read to me and watch me grow,” says it all. Toddlers will also enjoy the brightly drawn illustrations. 2004, Star Bright Books, $6.95. Ages 2 to 4. Reviewer: Cathi I. White.

Sing Down the Rain
Judi Moreillon
   In the Sonoran Desert, where the Tohono O’oodham or Desert People live, water is life, and the most important ceremonies are those that bring rain. Written for choral recitation, this book presents the wine-making ceremony of the Tohono O’oodham, with parts for a narrator, clouds, saguaro, flowers, women, grandparents, medicine man, and headman. Chiago’s illustrations are alive with intricate details of cactus and lightning, and the ephemeral washes of desert country. Although not all readers will be equally at ease with the rhyming verse, this is a rare portrayal of a little known traditional observance of the rhythms of the natural world. 1998, Kiva Publishing, $14.95. Ages 7 to 10. Reviewer: Uma Krishnaswami.

Collaborative Strategies for Teaching Reading Comprehension: Maximizing Your Impact
Judi Moreillon
   “…those at every level can use the ideas on how to promote collaboration with classroom teachers. Overall this book is a cut above other ‘how-to’ books with its plethora of suggestions and resources for teachers and librarians.” 2007, American Library Association, $38.00. Adult. Reviewer: Debbie Clifford (VOYA).

Program Details

Author Visits
For K-5 Schools & Libraries for Children ages 5 to 11
Half day or full day sessions.

   I combine book reading/reciting and storytelling with age-appropriate, fun interactive presentations. I can include book-signing and presentations for educators or parents as well.

Writers’ Workshop for Students
For Schools & Libraries for Children ages 8 to 14

   I provide tried-and-true writing prompts combined with book and poetry reading/reciting and storytelling. I can include book-signing and presentations for educators or parents as well.

Workshop For Educators and Other Professionals
90-minute, half day or full day sessions

Past offerings include:

  • Maximizing Your Impact: Coteaching Reading Comprehension Strategies
  • What Every Librarian Should Know about Teaching Reading Comprehension
  • Building Fluency with Poetry and Readers’ Theatre
  • Storyteller, StoryWriter
  • Storytelling: Building Classroom Communities
  • Growing a Storytelling Community: Tending a Troupe of Student Storytellers
  • Stories: The Place Where History Begins
  • I can tailor my workshops and presentations to meet the needs of your group.

Workshop for Parents and Other Caregivers
90 minutes
Read to Me: Early Literacy Strategies for the Whole Family

   How do children grow as literate beings? Learn how to incorporate literacy into everyday activities in order to nurture your children and help them reach their highest potential.

Keynote Presentation for Educators
60 to 90 minutes
Building a Culture of Collaboration

   How do educators cultivate a culture of collaboration in their literacy learning communities? This engaging keynote features inspiring storytelling, real-life stories, and is filled with ideas to apply on Monday morning.

In-state (Arizona) K-school visits and writers’ workshops are $800 for a day. (Judi will make 3 – 6 presentations in a day, depending on group size.) Out-of-state are $1500, plus travel and expenses. School and library parenting workshops in state (Arizona) begin at $500, whereas out of state, parenting workshops begin at $1,000. Keynote speaker fees and professional development for educators begin at $2000. All fees are negotiable. Travel and lodging costs to be covered by booking organization.

Additional Information

To learn more about Judi Moreillon and her publications please visit www.storytrail.com.