Mom’s Choice Award winning author, Jason Edwards is a man of many hats, including storyteller, developer and performer of children’s programs, teacher, father, coach, champion athlete, and an authority on children’s anxieties. Jason possesses a B.S. in Psychology, a M.A. in Education, and has more than 20 years of experience helping children. In fact, he wrote his first chapter book for young readers, Will Allen and the Great Monster Detective, which is a frightfully funny mix of Ghostbusters and Monsters Inc., in order to help children overcome phobias by inspiring them to confront their fears and metaphorically modeling steps they can take to control anxiety.

   Jason has performed his entertaining educational programs at over 100 schools and libraries. His wildly popular Monster Hunt and Destination: INSPIRATION programs, his gift for teaching and inspiring children, and his talent for illuminating anxiety issues for children and adults alike have been featured in newspapers and on radio and TV, including The NY Daily News, The NJ Observer, WCBS TV in New York, and Talk of Connecticut Radio. His published works have appeared in newspapers, magazines, and on the internet sites of the Anxiety Disorders Association of America and the national anxiety advocacy group Freedom From Fear.

   Jason lives in Westchester, NY with his wife and two daughters. When not performing his programs at schools and libraries, he is busy working on the next volume in his “Chronicles of the Monster Detective Agency” series, and remains active in athletics, community service, and education.

Selected Reviews of Jason Edwards’ Books

Will Allen and the Great Monster Detective
Jason Edwards
   Will Allen, a smart but undersized 5th grade boy, is haunted by a monster that arises from under his bed at night that no one believes is real, except for his best friend, Jeannine. Together they search fruitlessly for help, until Jeannine spots a mysterious business card sticking out of Will’s book bag, instructing him how to summon Bigelow Hawkins, the Great Monster Detective. With Bigelow’s help, Will must learn how to conquer his monsters and uncover the secret of the hidden beast before it’s too late.

Will Allen and the Ring of Terror
Jason Edwards
   In Will’s very first challenge as a full-fledged monster detective, he must face the mystery of The Ring of Terror. Will’s tormented, though reluctant client, Timmy Newesome, is being plagued by a terrifying monster that appears to Will as only a harmless golden ring. Can Jeannine help Will discover the truth behind Timmy’s monster before they all fall victim to its terrible power?

Program Details

Destination Inspiration:
Jason introduces the ingredients for great story making, but then draws upon the students’ own inspirations to collectively create and act out a story right there on the spot. The kids create characters, make up dialog, and steer the course of the plot in this interactive, improvisational adventure. Slapstick humor abounds as Jason acts out the group’s narration, and he provides prompts, hints, and encouragement when it is time for children to deliver lines or determine the next event in the story. For older classes, Jason follows up the assembly program with writing workshops in which he builds upon the concepts touched upon in the assembly performance and guides each student through the process of creating his or her own amazing stories.

Monster Hunt:
2nd-6th grade students develop research skills when they learn how to use the library catalog, Dewey Decimal System, and their own wits and to track down hidden clues that will help them find and capture a lurking monster. Every student is engaged in searching, decoding, and looking up where to find clues, and all participants have their own sets of clues to find. The children gather and share clues until the monster is found and captured, and everyone is rewarded with their own Monster Detective Badge.

Additional Information

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