Janie Suss tells the story of Oscar and Olive Osprey and the Chesapeake Bay…the perfect environment for these birds whose population has increased tremendously since the federal banning of the pesticide DDT. This region now hosts one of the largest populations of ospreys in the world. Janie teaches children and adults about the importance of a healthy environment in preserving our resources and wildlife. Oscar and Olive Osprey, who reside at the end of Janie’s pier, offer endless entertainment and inspired her to share her love of family and nature by writing the book, Oscar and Olive Osprey: A Family Takes Flight. The Mom’s Choice Awards named Oscar and Olive Osprey among the best, recognizing excellence in family-friendly media.

Selected Reviews of Janie Suss’s Books

Oscar and Olive Osprey: A Family Takes Flight
Janie Suss
   You never know what adventures might be happening in your own backyard. After a brief introduction about ospreys the author tells of how she built a platform on the end of a pier in her backyard skirting the Chesapeake Bay hoping that birds would decide to nest there. That very day an osprey she dubbed Oscar showed up and a few days later a female, Olive, joined him. Written in friendly first-person, this is an informational story of the author’s interactions with the majestic birds. Information and facts are easily woven throughout the narrative, beginning with observations of the birds’ behaviors, physical characteristics, their nest-building and egg-laying habits and on through their parenting skills and migration. These are complemented by full-color photographs documenting each of the happenings. Parts of the story are also told through the imagined narrative from the birds themselves. Suss projects thoughts and personalities onto the different birds based on the actions she has observed making the experiences of learning to fly, feeding, and self-defense all the more dramatic and personal. The back matter has a host of information on building your own platform, suggestions while reading (discussion questions), research activities and a glossary. This would be a great introduction to a classroom observation experience or biology unit and is perfect for budding conservationists. 2010, Synergy Books, Ages 8 to 12, $15.95. Reviewer: Amy McMillan (Children’s Literature).

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As a speaker who tailors each talk to the age of her audience, Janie Suss has made numerous presentations to elementary schools, environmental groups, educators, civic organizations, and nature lovers of all ages. Her enthusiasm for these birds not only raises one’s awareness of them but instills an appreciation of wildlife that encourages personal observation and involvement.

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To learn more about Janie Suss and her publications please visit www.oscarandolive.com.