Jana has been writing for as long as she can remember. Fascinated by other cultures, Jana studied Anthropology and Chinese language at NYU and Middlebury College. Jana has taught all grade levels including University. She is passionate about the environment and endeavors to incorporate her earth friendly philosophy as she teaches young people to explore and experience their world through the joy of writing.

Her first published book was Elephants of the Tsunami, and her newest book is Weeping Under This Same Moon. The Twelfth Stone, a YA Faerie Tale with a modern twist, is coming out soon.

Selected Reviews of Jana Laiz’s Books

Weeping Under This Same Moon
Jana Laiz
   After the fall of Saigon, nineteen-year-old Mei Phuong escapes Vietnam on an overloaded boat with her younger brother and sister in tow, destination unknown. Conditions onboard deteriorate until Mei sees a woman prepare to leap to her death: “We watch her as if we are watching a play, no one moves to stop her, no one really believing she will do what she obviously is about to do.” Weeping Under This Same Moon by Jana Laiz contrasts Mei’s uncertain life with that of Hannah, a privileged but unhappy teen from Westchester, New York, who blossoms as a volunteer helping Vietnamese newcomers in the Bronx. Hannah’s affection for photography parallels Mei’s passion for painting, but art is a luxury and refugees deny themselves nonessentials. Reviewer: Todd Mercer (ForeWord Reviews, November/December 2008).

Program Details

Jana Laiz offers workshops and lectures in writing children’s books, poetry, short stories, essays, and the novel. She is an accessible and warm educator and can easily incorporate your curriculum into her program. Presentations are 45 mins-1 hr and suitable for k-2, 3-5, 6-8, and high school.

Additional Information

To learn more about Jana Laiz and her publications please visit www.janalaiz.com.