Elaine Landau is a highly acclaimed author of over 300 nonfiction books. She has written on such subjects as earth science, the supernatural, planets, dinosaurs, ancient civilizations, ecology and a broad range of contemporary issues. Elaine has a BA degree in English and Journalism and a Masters degree in Library and Information Science. Ms. Landau lives in tropical Miami with her husband, Norman, and her son, Michael. Her husband, a top-notch researcher, works with her on many of her books. Their son, Michael, tells jokes and encourages them to take him to Disney World. When that doesn’t work as often as he’d like, he suggests that they eat out.

Selected Reviews of Elaine’s Books

Big Cats: Hunters of the Night
Elaine Landau
     More like a picture book, this smaller format book has a full page picture opposite a page of text. The focus is big cats, and the book is part of the “Animals After Dark” series. It also opens with a glossary or word-to-know section instead of putting them at the end of the book. Kids who read this page first will certainly get more out of the following text. Big cats for the most part are endangered; they generally are distinguished from other cats by their ability to roar and their size. They are also carnivores and most have the ability to swim and climb trees. They spend most of the day sleeping and then hunt at night. They have better eyesight and hearing ability than humans, and their whiskers also serve as feelers, all of which contributes to making them successful hunters at night. The information is basic but when combined with the pictures, it is enough to introduce young readers to these predators. For those who want to know more, there is a page at the end of the book that references a few books and some web sites. This short text also has an index and a table of contents which can help young readers starting to write reports better understand the layout of a reference book. 2008, Enslow, $22.60. Ages 6 to 9. Reviewer: Marilyn Courtot (Children’s Literature).

The National Anthem
Elaine Landau
   Introducing important historical, governmental, and cultural information, this series teaches young students the premises and symbols associated with the United States. The content is inquiry based. Readers are challenged to investigate through two questions posed. Easy-to-read text, colorful and interesting facts, varied fonts, and colorful illustrations or photographs increase reader appeal. Difficult vocabulary words appear in bold text throughout and definitions are discovered in each book’s glossary. Presented along with the text are additional books, Web sites, and places to visit. Encouraging personal reflection and continued investigation on the value and benefits of the exploration, government, symbols, and the people of the United States, each book increases knowledge of specific topics. 2008, Children’s Press (Scholastic Library Publishing), $26.00. Ages 8 to 11. Reviewer: Diana H. Hanke (Library Media Connection February 2008).

Elaine Landau
Illustrated by Brian Lies
   Presented in a conversational tone with humorous illustrations, this summary of the essentials of popcorn is both appealing and informative. Beginning with a pop quiz and ending with recipes for flavored popcorn, this book explains why popcorn pops, where it is grown, where it is eaten, its history, and then reveals a top secret. Popcorn is good for you! The artist’s dedication to “the raccoon who raided my corn patch” adds to the delight of the book. A mischievous raccoon appears in most of the illustrations, although he is never mentioned in the text. Young children will enjoy the active pictures and words that seem to speak directly to them. Older readers will appreciate the factual information and the additional facts included in various insert formats throughout the book. A bibliography of web sites and books is included. 2003, Charlesbridge, $16.95. Ages 6 to 10. Reviewer: Phyllis Kennemer, Ph.D. (Children’s Literature).

Program Details

   Elaine Landau’s high-energy presentations have delighted audiences across the country. The only thing she enjoys more than writing is speaking to her readers. She offers a choice of different programs for young people from first grade through high school. She also offers programs suitable for adult conferences. The following are examples of Elaine’s programs:

For Elementary Grades

  • Legends of the Wild West – An interesting yet informative view of the heroes and villains of this exciting period in our country’s history.
  • Scary Animal Fun – A fascinating view of sharks, alligators, poisonous snakes, big cats and others.
  • Popcorn, Apples, Bananas – Read it, Eat it! – Fun facts about the foods we eat.
  • Smokejumpers – Fighting Fires in the Wilderness – An exciting overview of the work done by these brave men and women.

For middle and high school

  • Secrets of the Titanic and Other Sea Disasters – Learn about the real role that Molly Brown played in the Titanic rescue as well as other little known facts about famous disasters at sea.
  • History through Biography – Take a close look at some fascinating people who played important roles in history.
  • All About Being an Author – Is there a book in you? Find out through this informative presentation about the publishing world and how young people can get in touch with their own creativity.

For adult conferences and seminars

  • The Whole Truth and Nothing But the Truth – How to most effectively use nonfiction materials in schools and libraries.
  • The Nonfiction Writing Process from Start to Finish – Get a close-up view of how a nonfiction book is born.

Elaines fees begin at $900 for a day. She will make 4 presentations in one day, each lasting for one hour. Her assembly programs are designed for up to 250 students, whereas her workshops are designed for approximately 25 students. Travel and lodging – Travel and lodging costs to be covered by the booking organization.

Additional Information

To learn more about Elaine and her publications please visit www.elainelandau.com.