Edie Glaser is a Southern California writer and business owner who has lived with visual impairment, strabismus, and nystagmus since infancy. She is proud to use her writing talent and personal experiences to empower kids and adults with books through their own life journeys living with visual impairment. She is also pursuing a degree in the Master of Professional Writing Program at the University of Southern California and offers freelance non-fiction writing services to organizations and individuals.

Selected Reviews of Edie’s Books

All Children Have Different Eyes
Edie Glaser
   A pair of appealing characters named Wendy and Tommy narrate short chapters from their lives. Both children have visual impairments that can make their eyes look and act differently than other children’s eyes. Each chapter shares how the children learn, play and grow while looking at the world through their different eyes. Empathetic and educational, each chapter demonstrates ways for children with visual impairments to talk to their friends about their visual differences while showing that having low vision does not mean you cannot see! The children are depicted doing things that all children enjoy: bike riding, ice skating and playing team sports. The illustrations are uncluttered, simple, cartoon-like, and colorful. Wendy and Tommy introduce readers to a variety of visual impairments, explaining a bit about each child’s situation and demystifying each example. This title will make an excellent addition to public, school, and home collections as it will help all children better understand that having different eyes goes along with being just like everyone else in feelings, abilities, and activities. A glossary is included which will be helpful for young readers. A teacher’s guide offers insightful discussion topics and meaningful activities for children from kindergarten through third grade. 2007, Vidi Press, $16.95. Ages 4 to 9. Reviewer: Katie Egan, CCC-SLP (Children’s Literature).

Program Details

Edie is happy to speak at schools, libraries, and special events about being an author, publisher, or living with low vision.

How a book is made
   The author(s) will show students how this picture book was made, from the original stick-figure drawings and pencil text, to the professional sketches and finally, the full-color book.

How do I make friends with kids who have low vision?
   Edie will read from the book and tell her own story of being a low vision child in a class with normal-sighted kids. Using the book as a discussion starter, students will:

  • Learn what low vision is and how it affects the way kids with visual impairment play and learn.
  • Have hands on time with low vision tools like magnifiers, patches, book easels, large print books, etc.
  • Role play what kids can say and do when they meet another child with low vision.
  • Understand that vision impairment is not so strange and different after all.

Additional Information

To learn more about Edie and her publications please visit this website.