Dyahnne Alston was born in Wilson, North Carolina and raised in Chesapeake, Virginia. She taught for many years in the North Carolina Community College system as a certified software instructor and soft skills trainer. In that vein, she still provides training services for various corporations throughout the country. Though she received her Bachelor’s degree in business and has this experience in software instruction, her passion has always been for writing.

   Describing her stories as gifts from God, she began writing the Sweetie’s Place series in 1998 and published it in 2003. It tells the story of seven year old Sweetie Robinson moving with her family to New York, and how she deals with the event. Dyahnne loves being able to present a story of a very common childhood experience so that kids can empathize with and learn from Sweetie’s situation. Even if a child never has to move, this book will engage them and help them sympathize with new kids on the block. Dyahnne is currently working on the next book in the Sweetie’s Place series entitled Sweetie’s Place: All About Aisha.

Selected Reviews of Dyahnne’s Books

Sweetie’s Place: A Moving Adventure
Dyahnne Alston

   “I highly recommend this book. My two daughters (8 and 10) and I enjoyed it very much. We recently moved from New Jersey to Atlanta. The dialogue between the characters was great and the pictures were very nice. We enjoyed the adventure. We love Sweetie.” – reader Joycelyn Taylor-Hines from Atlanta, GA

   “An excellent book that is written with thoughtfulness of our children… with interactive exercises for children whether in a relocation transition or for just great fun reading. The book also helps children that are not moving to empathize with children that are new to their neighborhood. Just a wonderful read!” – reader Brian Powell

Program Details

Dyahnne’s program includes:

  • Reading excerpts from her book
  • Having a Q & A session followed by a writing exercise for third and forth graders regarding their own moving adventures
  • Art projects: Coloring pages for grades K-2 and Painting for grades 3-4

Additional Information

To learn more about Dyahnne and her publications please visit her website.