Cass Foster’s involvement in all aspects of theatre, particularly Shakespeare, makes him an excellent speaker for educators interested in expanding the possibilities of using Shakespeare in a wide range of curriculum related studies and activities. “He is the director of the theatre program at Central Arizona College and often spends his summers as Fight Choreographer with Shakespeare Festivals. Cass directs productions and stages fights for theatres and universities throughout the country. He earned his bachelor’s degree in Drama from the University of Washington in Seattle and his Master of Fine Arts in Directing from the University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana. Besides his obvious involvement in the field of Shakespeare, Cass is particularly interested in the development of new plays for young audiences.” from Embracing the Child (

Selected Reviews of Cass’s Books

Shakespeare: To Teach or not to Teach from Elementary to High School

Cass Foster and Lynn G. Johnson
   With a clear and simply laid out approach, this book takes the trepidation out of teaching Shakespeare’s works. Professor Foster, a professor of Theatre at Central Arizona College, provides background information that includes a discussion of the value of Shakespeare’s legacy, what life was like in the Middle Ages, and warm-up activities so studying the Bard’s work becomes fun. With consideration to a whole-language based approach, the book includes activities across the curriculum and a journal. From the Publisher.

The Sixty-Minute Shakespeare
Series by Cass Foster

   The Sixty-Minute Shakespeare series is an ideal alternative for those who lack the time or resources to tackle the unabridged versions of the world’s most widely read playwright. This smooth-flowing and carefully edited series works well for fully mounted productions, scene work in the classroom, and the study of Shakespeare’s plays in general. While the language is condensed, the integrity of Shakespeare’s writings is kept intact so students of the Bard can experience the thrill of the story as well as the beauty of the verse and prose. From the Publisher.

Program Details

Presentations for teachers and educators (only) include:

  • Across the Curriculum Activities
  • Bringing Drama into Education
  • Introducing Shakespeare
  • Themes Seen in Shakespeare and Fairy Tales
  • Creating Healthy Classroom Environment

Fees: Vary with nature and length of program, usually $2,500 plus expenses including: non-stop air fare, plus one to two nights accommodations plus car, food, etc.

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