Carla Golembe is an award winning artist, illustrator, author and teacher. She works in a variety of mediums including acrylic on paper and canvas, gouache and monotype. Her work is shown at galleries throughout the United States including Cove Gallery in Wellfleet, MA and the Steven Scott Gallery in Baltimore, MD. Collections include Hyatt Corp, Pan Pacific Hotels, Sheppard Pratt Hostpital, Medical College of Virginia Hospitals, Worcester Art Museum (Worcester, MA), Academy Art Museum (Easton, MD), Boston Public Library and others. She has received artist residencies from the Hambidge Center in Rabun Gap, GA; Altos de Chavon in the Dominican Republic and Kalani Honua in Hawaii.

   Carla’s children’s books include A Story of Surfing, The Story of Hula, M is for Maryland, Washington DC ABC’s, Annabelle’s Big Move and Dog Magic, all of which she wrote and illustrated. She has also illustrated Why the Sky is Far Away, The Creation, People of Corn, How Night Came from the Sea and The Woman in the Moon, Sun and Honeybees. Carla also wrote and illustrated the “Zippy and Zoe” series, published in Taiwan

   She has received numerous awards from the New York Times, Parent’s Choice, The American Folklore Society and PMA, the Independent Book Publisher’s Association, as well as others.

   Carla has taught fine art and illustration courses at Maryland College of Art and Design and the Maryland Institute College of Art. She presently teaches at the Art School of the Boca Raton Museum of Art. Carla also teaches creative writing and illustation to children as a teaching artist for the Center for Creative Education and the Milagro Center. She also does presentations and workshops for school children and adults. She has been an artist for five Animals on Parade Public Art Projects including Washington DC’s Party Animals and Pandamania, Ocean City Maryland’s OC Beach Birds, Prince George’s County, Maryland’s Birds-I-View and Palm Beach County’s Wild Things.

Selected Reviews of Carla’s Books

Dog Magic
Carla Golembe
      Molly Gail doesn’t like dogs. For her birthday, she receives a pair of turquoise slippers with bows and stars, and the next time she sees a dog, she forgets to be afraid. . . With a spirited text and joyful art, Golembe covers a concern many kids have. It could have been made clearer that Molly Gail’s relationship with dogs came more from her newfound confidence than from her new shoes–but then again, maybe it was just magic.(Booklist, November 1, 1997 (Vol. 94, No. 5).

Stephen M. Tomecek
Illustrated by Carla Golembe
    The bright yellow endpapers are a great way to start this book that provides basic information about the sun, the biggest and brightest star in our sky. Without the sun and our specific location in the solar system, most things would not be able to live on our beautiful planet. A lucid text explains what the sun is comprised of, how far away it is and how big it is. Presented in a way that that is entertaining, some of the comparisons will stick with us for a long time-the sun is 93 million miles away, which equates to driving a car at 60 miles per hour without stopping for 177 years. Tomecek describes how the earth spins on an axis and rotates around the sun, which explains why we have day and night and the seasons, as well as why certain seasons are warm and others are cold. The book does not mention the seasonal difference between northern and southern hemispheres specifically, but the information can be gleaned from the illustrations. Golembe has used a bright pallet with warm colors against a mostly blue or black sky for contrast. She adds elements and a bit of humor to the text including a pink striped cat that appears throughout. For curious kids, homeschoolers and science teachers, there is an easy experiment at the end of the book that can be used to demonstrate why we have day and night. This book could be paired with The Sun by Robin Kerrod (Lerner Publications, 2000), The Sun by Allison Lassieur (Children’s Press, 2000) The Sun by Niki Walker (Crabtree Pub, 2000) and The Sun by Ray Spangenburg and Kit Mose (Watts, 2001), the last three of which would be for older readers. 2002, National Geographic, $16.95. Ages 5 to 9. Reviewer: Marilyn Courtot (Children’s Literature)

The Story of Surfing
Carla Golembe
    Keana loves everything about living in Hawaii–swimming, diving, and watching her uncle surf. She cannot wait until she is old enough to join him. Finally, when she is eight, he agrees to teach her. The night before her first lesson, Keana dreams a huge wave picks her up and carries her to where she meets and talks to some of the greatest surfers throughout Hawaiian history. Keana’s story, which is really a story of surfing history and Hawaiian culture, is told in rhyming text and illustrated using the rich blue, green, and pink hues of the Hawaiian land and seascapes. At times the rhyme and rhythm seem a bit off, but this may be caused by an unfamiliarity with Hawaiian pronunciation. When listening to the accompanying CD, none of those rhyme and rhythm problems come through. Included in the book and on the CD is a glossary containing definitions of Hawaiian words and surfing lingo, as well as a “who’s who” section which introduces readers to the famous surfers Keana meets in her dream journey. Combining fiction with surfing history, Hawaiian music and culture, and the sounds of the ocean waves, this book/CD combination is a must for young surfing aficionados everywhere. 2006, Bess Press, $16.95. Ages 4 to 8. Reviewer: Pat Trattles (Children’s Literature).

Program Details

How a book is made

   The presentation combines a talk, drawing demonstration and interactive questions and answer session. Carla will explain the steps involved in writing and illustrating a children’s book starting with writing a manuscript, creating sketch dummies and final artwork and continuing on to the finished book. She will discuss how authors and illustrators get ideas and inspiration and the creative processes of writing and illustrating. Her talks are geared to the age level of each group. The drawing demo allows the children to see an artist “in action” and drawings are left with the school for the children to enjoy. Once the presentation is completed there is ample opportunity for the children to ask questions and to take the discussion in the direction that is of most interest. Throughout the presentation Carla stresses the importance of individual creative expression, how ideas and images often need to be revised and the many sources from which one can derive ideas. She emphasizes that everyone, including professionals, makes mistakes and that that is part of creating and learning.

Creating A Fold Book

   A fold book is a 3 dimensional work of art that combines illustration, fine art and storytelling. In this workshop students will explore their creative images and voices and the relationship between words and pictures. First Carla will begin with a creative writing exercise. Students will use that writing as a jumping off point to create an 8 panel fold book that illustrates their ideas and words. She will explore the flow, planning and creating of a book and discover how multiple images come together in one work of art to tell a story. This is a fun workshop that offers students the opportunity to discover their creativity in a unique way while learning about art, illustrating and writing.

One full day or two half to full days for grades 3 and up

Creative Writing Workshop

   Carla works with the students using several different approaches to creative writing. Students have the opportunity to explore their creative voice in four ways; two of which are individual and one of which involves working with a partner. In the final exercise a group poem is created. All exercises stress creativity, imagination and inspiration. Students have the opportunity to share their writing but privacy is respected.

Grade 3 and up — the time is 2 ½ to 3 hours

   Any workshops can be combined. Programs adjusted to time, grade level and specific interest.

   Carla will conduct up to 5 presentations in a day. Her kindergarten presentations last approximately 30 minutes, grade 1 and up take approximately 45-60 minutes. She prefers 40-60 students per session, however she will address groups of up to 125 students. Her presentations are designed for K – 5.

   Costs: Basic fee for 3 presentations, $600 + $100 per additional session; single presentation $350; workshop fees depend on length of workshop; Travel and lodging costs to be covered by the booking organization.

Additional Information

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