Andy Myer has spent 30+ years in diverse creative pursuits as a humorous illustrator, writer, and graphic designer. Pickles, Please! is his first published children’s book. He authored (and illustrated) “The Liberated Father’s Handbook,” published by St. Martin’s Press in 1983. Since then, his humorous essays have appeared in Sports Illustrated, Philadelphia Magazine, and in over 40 editorials for the Philadelphia Inquirer, the LA Times, and Minneapolis Tribune. Andy’s witty drawings have appeared in publications covering just about every area imaginable, including sports and fitness, science and medicine, government and finance, as well as trade magazines for diverse business sectors. His long list of clients includes Sports Illustrated, Forbes, People Magazine, AT&T, DuPont, Pfizer, and Kraft Foods.

As a graphic designer and business writer, Andy has used his combined visual and editorial skills for on-line and print projects for several divisions of Johnson & Johnson. His projects have been used to promote cross-organizational innovation, collaboration, and rewards and recognition for groundbreaking work.

Andy and pickles go way back. He loved pickles as a child, and 5 decades later, still sneaks down to the refrigerator late at night to munch on sweet gherkins (followed by a few tablespoons of Worcestershire sauce).

He wrote Pickles, Please! in honor of every child who has an unusual passion in life.

Selected Reviews of Andy Myer’s Books

Pickles, Please!
Andy Myer
   If you ask a kid what their favorite snack is, most will say pizza, cupcakes, or ice cream. But not Alec Smart–he loves pickles! None of his friends at school understand his taste for pickled treats, nor do his parents. However, one day, just when Alec is pondering how lonely it is to be the only pickle enthusiast around, he comes across a pickle delivery truck and decides to jump in! What will happen when he arrives at the pickle factory? And who will he meet? The lesson learned in this adventure is that embracing your true colors brings with it special and tasty rewards!

Program Details

Andy’s presentations are 45 minutes long and designed for grades 3 to 5. He speaks to students about the creative process. He reads his story, Pickles, Please!, and then shows them what goes into bringing a book into reality–the sketches, scribbled notes, revisions, and so on. This provides them with some idea of what it takes to bring any sort of creative idea into being. At the end, Andy plays a visual improv game with the group, asking for 3 completely unrelated animals, and then smashing them into one mythical beast–a very popular activity.

Fees: $200 for 2 presentations.

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