Your students will be charmed by author Amy Brecount White’s presentation on the language of flowers. Her event focuses on the relationship between human beings and flowers and herbs in Western Culture. She’ll touch on Greek mythology, Shakespeare, the Victorian period, and recent scientific studies on flowers and mood. This interactive discussion will examine why we can’t have a special occasion without flowers. In addition, she will read a brief passage from her young adult novel, Forget-Her-Nots (HarperCollins, 2010), which puts a new spin on flower magic. Then, if time permits, Amy will demonstrate how to make a tussie-mussie (a symbolic Victorian bouquet) using seasonal flowers and herbs. There will be a Q & A session at the end, followed by a book signing.

Or, as a former high school English teacher and Washington Post freelancer, Amy is happy to focus on the writing process from that first glimmer of an idea to the polished product. Her Writer’s Non-fiction Workshop presentation will focus on taking ownership of your writing, why it’s important to write well, and Top Ten Ways to Write Like a Pro. She will tailor her program to meet required educational standards at your school.

Selected Reviews of Amy Brecount White’s Books

Amy Brecount White
   This engaging book for girls follows fourteen-year-old protagonist Laurel over the course of a year. Laurel’s mother dies, and her father sends his only child to boarding school where she knows few other students and becomes somewhat of an outcast early in the year because of a class project that involves flowers. Curious incidents lead Laurel to suspect that she possesses some kind of flower magic, and she believes that part of her flower magic helped a teacher find a husband. Soon after the death of her mother, she learns her father has met his soul mate. She has a crush on a boy who goes to a nearby school, however, she is not sure how he feels about her. Her experience with flowers gives her courage to help fellow students with their boyfriends. Several cousins go to the same school, but lack the interest in flowers she has. Believing that she has inherited the flower magic from her mother who got it in turn from her mother, Laurel attempts to call her grandmother, but her calls are not returned. A published author of magazine and newspaper articles and stories, White makes her debut as a book writer here. She taught middle and high school English but now spends time in her flower garden and gives flowers to friends to convey meaning or messages. Flower meanings can be found at the close of this interesting though lengthy book. 2010, Greenwillow Books/HarperCollins, $16.99. Ages 11 to 18. Reviewer: Jennie DeGenaro (Children’s Literature).

Program Details

Forget-Her-Nots: The language and magic of flowers; includes a history of the language, a reading from the novel, and tussie-mussie demonstration.

Writing Workshop – Nonfiction: Ten key ways to add flare and finesse to your essays and nonfiction.

Why Good Writing Matters: A discussion of writing as an asset to any career, tricks of the trade, and Amy’s own writer’s journey.

Fees: Full day $700, half day $450, per hour $250-300.

Additional Information

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