Alma Hromic, who now writes as Alma Alexander, was born in Novi Sad Yugoslavia and has lived in many countries around the world. Having been educated in England and South Africa, Alexander worked as a microbiologist but soon began writing about her field instead of continuing to work in the laboratory. She also began to work as a literary critic and editor for publications in the UK, South Africa and New Zealand. Her e-mail correspondence with freelance writer and news editor “Deck” Deckert grew into the book Letters from the Fire. This working relationship resulted in their marriage. She and her husband also teach writing classes in their home in the Pacific Northwest. Her transition from scientific writing to fantasy has given her a new outlet for her creative imagination. Her fantasy books have been published in eleven languages and are popular around the world.

Selected Reviews of Alma’s Books

Gift of the Unmage (Worldweavers Series #1)
Alma Alexander
   Fourteen-year-old Thea is a “double-seven”–the seventh child of two seventh children–in a near-future Earth where magical abilities count. She is, however, a dud, as her six older brothers are quick to acknowledge. In a final bid to reclaim her rightful abilities, she is sent back in time to study with an Anasazi shaman in the southwest. Here she meets Grandmother Spider, Trickster, other Old World figures, and realizes her worth just in time to thwart an alien menace on returning to her own place in time. Alma Alexander’s fantasy is part boarding school story–á la Hogwarts in reverse–but primarily an extended meditation on Thea’s months-long “walk” through ancient lands and philosophies in search of her true self. Her journey from “whiner’ to intelligent questioner is a little fuzzy at times, as is the accomplishment of her final coup. Still, kids bred on Harry Potter might find this story an amusing diversion. 2007, Eos/HarperCollins, $16.99. Ages 12 up. Reviewer: Kathleen Karr (Children’s Literature).

Hidden Queen
Alma Alexander
   The life Anghara knows has ended; everyone she loved is dead or doomed. And now she must flee far from her home or die at the hands of her half-brother Sif. A defenseless child is adrift in an unfamiliar world, pursued by the minions of a false king whose brutality knows no bounds. But Anghara has a great destiny that reaches beyond the borders of the troubled realm she must one day rule — and a miraculous gift to be awakened in secret and fortified in a distant desert land at once beautiful, mysterious, and perilous: an awesome and frightening power called Sight. Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers.

Changer of Days
Alma Alexander
   The child Anghara Kir Hama was forced to flee the kingdom she rightfully ruled, escaping the murderous wrath of her brother, the usurper, who would see her dead to secure the throne. But her years spent in a strange desert land — honing the miraculous power called Sight — have forever changed the young queen. And now it is time to claim what is hers.

   But treachery greets Anghara upon her return to a realm suffering under the cruelty of the bloodthirsty tyrant Sif. In the dungeons of her enemy, she awaits an inevitable death, robbed of the gift that set her apart from all others. Yet those who have sworn to defend her will not rest until their cherished queen is safe, including one whose noble heart belongs to her alone. For young Anghara’s remarkable destiny is greater than crowns and countries — greater even than the fearsome Old Gods who must stand down to make way for the Changer of Days.Publisher: Eos.

Other Books By Alma Alexander : The Secrets of Jin Shei

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