Hocus Focus

by James Sturm, Andrew Arnold and Alexis Frederick-Frost

A magic spell goes awry in this graphic novel adventure for young readers. When the Knight is stuck peeling vegetables for the Wizard, she’s frustrated because she thought she’d be learning magic. Eventually, the Knight takes matters into her own hands, raiding the Wizard’s sanctum for a magic wand and spell book. But when she tries out a transformation spell, the whole thing backfires dramatically. The Knight’s horse ends up magically merged with a worm, and they grow to a freakishly immense size. A silly solution brings everything back to normal. An easy, quickly paced read with humorous illustrations and bold colors, this book is bound to draw and keep kids’ attention. The Knight is a very comedic character, and young readers will be amused by her reactions. The endpapers even contain step-by-step demonstrations of how to draw the Knight and other characters. Children who enjoy this story will want to pick up more books from the “Adventures in Cartooning” series, especially those that follow the escapades of the Knight.

Reviewer: Lisa Czirr