A Beetle is Shy

by Dianna Hutts Aston

illustrated by Sylvia Long

Some beetles can crawl through the eye of a needle. Some of them measure half a foot in length. Some dig and some hop. Some fly and some swim. All of them have incredible features that dazzle the eyes and ensnare the senses. Beetles come in every color of the rainbow, in incredible shapes, with astonishing abilities. Aston shares with readers’ insight about the character of these special bugs. Indeed, she skillfully explains their traits, but the narrative is not what makes this tremendous volume stand out. What truly resonates are the wonderful illustrations by Sylvia Long. With dexterity, artistry, and vision she depicts these creatures of the wild, bringing them and all their subtle nuances to the eyes of young audiences. The painted renderings make them accessible in ways that photography may not. An informational book worthy of any science teacher’s library, surely this one belongs in the hands of curious young people.

Reviewer: Remy Dou