I Wish You More

by Amy Krouse Rosenthal

Illustrated by Tom Lichtenheld

Simple and sweet, this collection of wishes for a young listener is perfect for sharing in an adult’s lap or poring over with a friend. The anonymous narrator, “I,” can be anyone; the situations pictured will remind a child of moments experienced, like watching a caterpillar creep slowly along, tasting a snowflake, or standing under an umbrella in pouring rain. The wishes are short, but full of wordplay and contrasts, and Lichtenheld’s imaginative multi-media illustrations expand on each with an unexpected twist that will bring a smile of recognition. Lichtenheld’s use of colors is fresh, though he excels at using blues, from a snowflake-filled sky to a dark blue night scene with a child reading by flashlight under a sheet. The final, expansive wish is for warmth, love, security, “and more.” An excellent model for beginning writers, the collaboration could lead to an illustrated classroom book of wishes, an exploration of one’s own desires, or a tender gift for someone special. Readers and teachers who want to see more from Rosenthal and Lichtenheld should try the team’s Duck! Rabbit! (Chronicle, 2009), Rosenthal’s Spoon (Disney/Hyperion, 2009), or Lichtenheld’s illustrations for Stick and Stone (HMH, 2015).

Reviewer: Barbara L. Talcroft