by Alex Gino

George has a secret and it is time to tell the world. In order to do so, George must play the role of Charlotte in the school’s upcoming play so that everyone will know that, despite the male body she was born into, she is actually a girl. After being told that only a girl can play the part, George and her best friend Kelly hatch a plan so that her family and everyone will see her for who she really is. The reader gets a unique look into George’s mind as she struggles to come out to her best friend, winces at the mention of her future as a man, fends off school bullies, and hopes for acceptance from her family. Beautifully written, this story is a much-needed perspective on transgendered youth and the trials and triumphs they go through. The author takes such a complex topic and, through the eyes of a ten-year-old child, simplifies it. The writing is age appropriate and would make an excellent choice for a classroom book. It could also be an incredibly eye-opening story for any child who struggles with gender identity.

Reviewer: Amy McLaughlin